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Funding Solutions

SFR, Multi-Family, and Commercial

RE Investor Funding and Syndication

Loan Amounts from $100k up to $250 MM...

Metropolis Equity Holdings, LLC was established to help Investors take advantage of opportunities in single family, multi- family, and commercial properties in the highly profitable markets of the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Colorado, Chicago, Hawaii, and many other viable metropolitan regions of America. 

Metropolis Equity Holdings is for the opportunistic investor. Our goal is to be ahead of the curve by looking for unique opportunities in real estate. Our mission is simple... provide superior returns by combining the strengths and synergies of our design and construction expertise along with our investment philosophies.

Combining our proven real estate expertise with a disciplined, innovative approach, Metropolis identifies and acquires attractive real estate assets and loans at opportune times and then sell them at or near the peak of the investment cycle.

Metropolis Equity Holdings, LLC offers single asset limited partnership opportunities, portfolio investment opportunities, and top notch construction and design service for renovating your real estate investment projects.

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