Chad Mitchell


(323) 401-9177



Mr. Mitchell began his career creating viable projects not in Real Estate, but in the film/ television/ commercial industry in Los Angeles. A native of Dallas, Chad transferred his experience and skills in overcoming unforeseen obstacles (while still delivering a product within a given time frame and under budget) to the Dallas/ Fort Worth real estate market.

Chad has flipped many single family properties and created a handful of cash flow scenarios with real estate in D/FW... most notably stabilizing a multi- family apartment in South Dallas, near Fair Park (an area most commonly avoided by cash flow real estate investors), ultimately achieving a 35% annual return for the investment group.

He has three years experience working as a general contractor with a vast knowledge in a multitude of trades including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, foundation repair, and general design.

Since creating Metropolis, Chad has taken his experience with residential flips, multi- family property stabilization, and complete rehab budgeting to maximize our portfolio returns.

333 West San Carlos Street #600

San Jose, CA 95110

9870 Plano Road  #14

Dallas, TX 75238