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72 unit apartment complex

Arlington, TX

Cap Rate: 5%

Joint Venture

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SFR rental

Denver, CO suburb

rent +/- $2,500

turn key price : $409k

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Self Employed Investors & House Flippers

If you are looking for a new project, we continually have new opportunities for investors.


If you need financing for an SFR project, rental house, multi- family portfolio, new home construction, or commercial property development, we offer programs available in the most viable markets and major metropolitan regions of America.

Retirement Plans & Capital Savings Accounts 

For many real estate investors, a business savings account ends up being is their retirement account.

There are options available that will provide you and your family more benefits than a simple savings account at a bank.  

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In 2023, will you regret letting 2022 money strategies pass you by?

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